RiveScript Web Editor

The RiveScript Web Editor ("Try RiveScript Online") is provided as a convenience for new users as they learn to code RiveScript. It provides an interface for typing (or copying/pasting) RiveScript code and then executing and testing it by chatting with the bot you've created, directly on the web!

See RiveScript.com.


The web editor requires a relatively recent browser with JavaScript and ajax support. So, any version of Internet Explorer after 6.0, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. are probably good bets.

It also requires an Internet connection; you can't save the web editor for offline use, due to the nature of how it works.

How to Use

On the main window of the web editor there is a text area where you can type (or copy/paste) RiveScript code into. For convenience, there is also a drop-down list of existing templates -- these are pre-generated RiveScript documents. Selecting one will put its contents into the text area for you to see or modify. rs-standard.rs is a single file that contains the standard RiveScript brain -- the one that comes with the Perl RiveScript module. This brain, based on Eliza, is fairly simplistic but fully functional.

After writing your code, click on the button. This will upload your code to the server and display a window that you can use to chat with your bot. This window acts like a typical Instant Messenger window: type your message into the "Send Message" box and hit Return when done. Your message will be sent to the server, and your RiveScript bot will send a response back. Hopefully. If not there was probably an error.

Terms of Use

The RiveScript Web Editor is available as a convenience for new users learning RiveScript. Having said that, the following rules should be followed:

Server Errors

Certain safeguards are built into the server to prevent misuse of the service. If any server errors are encountered, your session with the server will be terminated and your editor window will be locked down and require a reload. Server errors are usually a result of one of the following: Through regular use, server errors shouldn't be encountered. If they are:
  1. You will receive an alertbox telling you about the error.
  2. Your session with the server will be terminated.
  3. The server will log the details of the error, along with your IP address, the code you uploaded, the message you sent (if applicable), time of the error, and other such details.
  4. The chat window will disappear and your editor window will be disabled ("greyed-out").